Top 10 Reasons for Alcohol Relapse

After many years of struggling with alcoholism I discovered a lot of the best ways to relapse into drinking.  I did not know it at the time, but it turns out a lot of the tools I was given to stay sober were actually doing the opposite.  This is because I believed the old paradigm instead of opening my mind to the truth.

So today I’m going to give the top 10 things that caused relapse for me during the 20 years that I was using the traditional approaches for dealing with alcoholism. These are listed in reverse order up until the #1 reason for alcohol relapse – Here’s the list:

10 – Not Exercising

Lack of exercise promotes the degeneration of key biochemical states that are essential for a healthy life.  So, exercising is just one of those things that I’m going to go ahead and say is something that we should all be doing to promote good health.  Our body also produces feel good chemicals called endorphins when we exercise.   These natural chemicals do exactly what their name implies and also help with many other factors regarding our bodies and minds.  Taking a walk is all you need to do to help stave off depression and anxiety and feel better almost instantly.  When you walk, try to look at things that are far away instead of staring at the ground.  If you do this for 30 minutes to an hour a day you’re going to be amazed and how well it works.

9 – Fast Food

This is one of the topics that I am sure is going to scare a lot of people off, but it’s true.  Fast food is extremely toxic and is loaded with sugars and simple carbohydrates.  The fact of the matter is that major manufacturers supply these fast food outlets with the cheapest possible products available.  These processed foods are not just unhealthy they’re downright dangerous.  They adversely affect the hypothalamus and neuroendocrine system of our bodies resulting in problems that are tough to reverse.  One of these is creating an addiction to sugar and simple carbohydrates.  This is the basic addiction that all alcoholics have except on a different level.

8 – Going to Rehab

This may seem like an oxymoron, but rehab centers are in no way prepared to help people stop drinking on a permanent basis. What rehab centers do is trying to address what they consider to be a mental condition that causes the drinking.  This is the number one way that they fall short because they are not addressing the true root of the problem.  Since alcoholism is caused through a biochemical disorder and a damaged hypothalamus, being subjected to individual and group therapy is pointless.  In fact, the last rehab center I went to many years ago told me that based on their own statistics I had a 3% of chance to stay sober for the next year.  Need I say more?

7 – Going to AA Meetings

This is going to cause a lot of commotion because most people think AA is supposed to help people stop drinking.  The fact of the matter remains that AA is still using methods based on knowledge that is over 75 years old.  If they would simply keep up with the times in the science and technology that is been given to us regarding the true cause of alcoholism, they could possibly integrate this into their program and improve their success rate.  However, they do quite the opposite.  They argue that the majority it of the problem lies in the person’s thinking and belief system.  On top of that, they’re often serving coffee, sugars, and sweets as well as smoking cigarettes during the breaks.  This is all a recipe for relapse.  These are the main reasons why AA is hard-pressed to come up with a 5% success rate.

6 – Going to a Medical Doctor

The medical profession collectively throws up its arms in despair when trying to deal with alcoholism.  The only thing they know how to do is prescribe some new drugs that have recently been introduced into the market that are supposedly helpful for stopping drinking.  They never talk about the main problem which is nutritional deficiencies and toxins in the body.  In fact, their training in this key area is sorely limited.  So, seeing a physician to help you stop alcoholism only serves to either get you hooked on another drug or to be frustrated at the doctors lack of understanding.

5 – Going to a Psychiatrist

This is one of the last people you want to see.  A psychiatrist is a firm believer that everything is caused by a person’s mental condition.  These people also have the dubious luxury of being allowed to prescribe drugs.  So see number six above when you’re trying to stop alcoholism because the psychiatrist is going to do the same thing as the medical doctor.  The catch is that they will also try to include a long series of counseling and other sessions in order to get a good positive cash flow coming out of your pockets and into theirs.  This category also includes psychologists who will do the same thing, but are forced to only take a referral fee when they suggest a psychiatrist for the drugs.

4 – Thinking that You’re Powerless

This is the first step of the 12 step program made famous by AA.  The step claims that you have to admit that you are powerless over alcohol and that your life has become unmanageable.  I can tell you from experience that this approach does not work.  What works is actually accepting that you do have power over your condition and you can change it by following some simple steps.  The steps in no way include any kind of moral values or spiritual issues.  They are simple and scientific and proven and outlined on this website.

3 – Smoking Cigarettes

Without going into a lot of detail about this habit, it is now clear that smoking is in many ways a substitute for drinking.  Nicotine affects the body very similarly to sugars with regard to the neuroendocrine system and brain function.   In fact, sugar is the most added ingredient in American cigarettes.  The rush one receives from a cigarette is affecting many of the same nerve centers that cause the alcohol cravings in the first place.  So by smoking a lot of cigarettes you’re only setting yourself up for relapse.

2 – Manufactured and Processed Food Products

Let’s face it, man cannot improve on what nature has given us.  The only thing processing food does is degrade it and make it unhealthy.  The only reason the big manufacturers do this and so they can make more money.  Processed food can be frozen and shipped and have a longer shelf life allowing for greater profits.  The goal of the manufacturer is to increase profits because they are publicly traded corporations and they have a legal obligation to do this.  They do not have any reason to make anything healthy, especially when it doesn’t increase the bottom line.  In fact, they often go a step further and add addictive chemicals to get you hooked on the food and cause you to eat more even if you are not hungry.

1 – Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates

Examples of simple carbs are sugar, fruit juice, candy, cake, packaged goods, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and anything made with white flour such as bread, pasta, and baked goods.  The bottom line is that all of these items have a damaging impact on a person’s blood sugar levels.  These so-called foods are very high on the glycemic (GI) index and provide virtually no nutritional value.  When a person consumes a lot of sugar it often results in triggering a hypoglycemic reaction the causes severe alcohol cravings.  These cravings invariably lead to relapse in a fight or flight type of response in order to stop the physical withdrawal and suffering.  It does not involve an emotional or mental condition at all, but rather a physical disorder that is easily managed with the right diet and lifestyle.


Well…that’s it. When you are considering a natural cure for alcoholism, look to the facts. Be aware that Alcoholism is not a disease, but a very suppressed metabolic condition.

Alcoholism = Disease?

Once you realize that the “Truth Will Set You Free”, you will understand that you can overcome this condition.

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