The Truth About Alcoholism

The truth about alcoholism is not what we have been led to believe.  In fact, it is almost the opposite.  For years we have been bombarded with suggestions that it is a psychological problem and has nothing to do with the physical body.  We so-called “alcoholics” have been accused of being mentally “powerless”, which at first glance seems to be true. And, in a sense, it is.

But if you look deeper, you can understand that when a person is confronted with a craving so intense that the primal instincts (fight or flight) take over, it is no longer a choice but a question of survival.  Hence, an entirely different part of the brain that takes over and has nothing to do with the conscious thought process or moral fiber of an individual.  The enemy in all this is not one’s thinking, but in the biochemical processes which are short-circuited. In other words, the predisposition toward alcohol addiction is not so much genetic as it is a physical manifestation in the body.

Alcoholism is caused by an overwhelming physical craving for sugar.  The major problem for most people who struggle with alcohol is a condition called “hypoglycemia”, or an overproduction of insulin by the pancreas.  What happens is that when such a person ingests sugar and simple carbohydrates, the body reacts by producing insulin to process it into energy .  These fast-metabolizing substances, in a hypoglycemic person, leave an overabundance of insulin with nothing to “eat” since these sugars and simple carbs are used up very quickly (as opposed to complex carbohydrates).  The result is a huge craving for anything to satisfy this hunger.

Guest what? Alcohol is fermented sugar and begins to metabolize within 60 seconds or being ingested.  In many cases, there is no better way to quench the cravings…temporarily.  The root of the problem lies in the fact that this imbalance can become a vicious cycle if the blood-sugar levels of such people are not controlled and managed.  To reverse the effects, one must abstain from all processed and manufactured sugars. The individual must also replace all the nutrients lost due to alcohol and sugar consumption.  Finally, a specific nutritional supplement plan must be followed to keep the cravings away for good.

For the longest time, this truth evaded me.  This is because the sicker I got and the longer I am was kept that way, the more other people prospered from it.  The cruel part of it is that for years, remedies have been known and discovered only to be labeled as ridiculous.  So, when these solutions are discovered, they seem crazy because society in general believes all of the false information we have been fed so diligently over the years.

Several doctors have written about this with treatments that seemed unimaginable.  Yet, they are available to you and easy to use.  And, you don’t have to go to meetings or buy into the “powerless” concept.

I had to face the truth – I couldn’t stop the physical craving with talk therapy.  My body needed to be fixed or I was to be fighting a losing battle forever.  For me, the physical cravings for alcohol (sugar) were the problem, not the mental need to “escape” through drinking.

So, how do you stop alcoholism?  The nutritional approach is the only way to solve the physiological problem.  A person’s biochemical individuality plays a key role in a person’s predisposition to become an alcoholic.  This was first studied and written about by Dr. Roger Williams in 1959.  One of his first books on the subject is titled “Alcoholism: The Nutritional Approach” and should have started a revolution in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates

However, all-natural cures are frowned upon by the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies that control the media.  It’s not good for business to offer an inexpensive solution to a world epidemic.

Since then, other publications written by more experts followed, only to receive modest fanfare if any at all.  They have been victims of the false, long-standing alcohol treatment paradigm as well.

Too bad, because I can tell you from experience, that the nutritional approach works.  It is not an easier, softer way to treat alcoholism.  In fact, it is difficult to make a huge change in lifestyle…especially with our diet.  But after a few months, it became a part of me and easy to do.  I feel so good and so healthy that I don’t even think about drinking anymore.

And the best part – the alcohol cravings have vanished!

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  1. I am just learning about using nutrition to control alcohol cravings. Have you heard of a program called Go Sober? They use SyanpaGenx, a patented supplement that is specifically formulated to reduce alcohol cravings and helps with brain and mood function. I wonder what you think about those two things, Go Sober and SyapaGenx.
    BTW I’ve developed an evening drinking problem and ran across your website after talking with someone from Go Sober. I thought there has to be a way to get help without paying $10,000 to the program. I have about half of the supplements that you suggest already and will pick up the others today. I already eat foods on your list and will tighten up my diet. Thank you for this website and your info!!

    1. Hi Christina,

      Thanks for your reply and input! Both the Go Sober program and SyapaGenx are good because they address the physiological metabolic disorder of so-called “alcoholism”. Any holistic or natural choice is better than the outdated approaches of the past. Let’s face it, it is big business and a lucrative industry to keep people in a perpetual revolving door of “recovery”. Wouldn’t you rather be delivered? Check out Living Free for an additional approach.

      At the end of the day, the mind, body, and soul all need to be addressed. This is why I am writing a book on the whole picture so that everyone can know the truth – the tagline for the book will be “The Truth Will Set You Free – John 8:28”. It is ultimately divine power of the spirit (in combination with the other factors) which frees us from temptation!

      All the Best and God Bless!

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