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Alcoholism = Disease?

For the longest time, I was brainwashed like so many other people that “Alcoholism” was a disease.  I became convinced that in order to overcome this incurable demon I had to attend daily meetings of AA and would forever be in “recovery”.  This really started making sense when I learned that I could blame all […]

The Truth About Alcoholism

The truth about alcoholism is not what we have been led to believe.  In fact, it is almost the opposite.  For years we have been bombarded with suggestions that it is a psychological problem and has nothing to do with the physical body.  We so-called “alcoholics” have been accused of being mentally “powerless”, which at […]

Alcoholism Facts – Are They Really True?

Alcoholism Facts – Are They Really True? For years we’ve been told all sorts of different things about alcoholism. Some people say that it is a disease. Others say that people who are addicted to alcohol have a moral problem. And everyone else has even another opinion. This just goes to show that finding the […]