Stop Alcohol Cravings

Throughout this protocol for stopping drinking, especially in the beginning, you’re most likely going to experience strong alcohol cravings. This is only natural because you’ve taken away the alcohol and your body isn’t used to it. Your brain is accustomed to functioning with a certain level of sugar being put in its system on a regular basis. The trick here, is to successfully get past the cravings and into a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t include poor eating and drinking habits.

The best way to stop alcohol cravings is to use a supplement called L-glutamine. This amino acid is very essential to stopping drinking because it can take away alcohol cravings quickly. Part of your supplementation during the protocol includes this amino acid in a powder form. If you have not already made the order or if you’re buying your supplements locally, make sure you get some L-glutamine as soon as possible.

There are a couple of ways you can use L-glutamine to stave off alcohol cravings. The quickest and most effective way is to take about a teaspoon and put it directly under your tongue. Hold it there until a totally dissolves. Do not drink anything or wash it down; leave it in your mouth so can be absorbed all throughout the lining and gums. You’ll be surprised how quickly the sugar and alcohol cravings will go away when you do this.

Another way to use L-glutamine to stop alcohol cravings is in the form of a capsule. Simply break open the capsule, and pour it under your tongue. Most capsules come in a 500 mg dose and this is the kind to use.

Any time you feel a craving for alcohol, you can use L-glutamine to stop it temporarily. This will have no adverse affects in the short or long term. It is simply intended to help you get through the first few days and weeks with as much comfort as possible.

Use this trick as often as you like. The key is not to drink alcohol or slip back into old eating habits in order to give your body a chance to adjust.

You can get L-glutamine at your local health food store. Or, you can order it online – I like to use and here are the two types that I would recommend:


NOW Sports L-Glutamine Powder, 1-Pound


NOW L-Glutamine 500 mg,120 Capsules

It is going to take a while for your body to adjust to your new diet and nutritional plan. Please be patient with the process and understand that very soon you’re going to be feeling great.

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