The protocols for the natural cure for alcoholism include taking a lot of vitamins and minerals.  What these are going to do is help ease the alcohol withdrawal symptoms and help eliminate your cravings.  You’re going to feel so good after just a few weeks of re-nourishing your body and mind that you won’t want to stop.  This is why the phase 4 represents an ongoing protocol for healthy living and the right supplements.

One of the most important vitamins you’ll be taking is niacin or B3.  There’s a whole section on this because of its importance in the recovery process (see “Niacin”).  As we discussed, hypoglycemia is often a major factor with regard to alcohol cravings.  When we are alcoholic, our body wants simple and quick carbohydrates and we turn to alcohol to satisfy that craving as an instinctual response.  There is scientific proof of this and studies have shown that you can actually create the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal simply by depleting vitamin B in the body.

The B vitamins are very essential to the natural cure for alcoholism.  We talk at length about vitamin B3, but vitamin B1 is also very important, especially when you first stop drinking.  This is because consumption of alcohol over a long period of time severely depletes the body of vitamin B1, also known as thiamine.  You’ll be taking large doses of vitamin B1 in the beginning stages tapering off during the latter part of the program.

Another very important vitamin in the B family is vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine.  B6 also gets depleted from consumption of alcohol and other sugars.  In this online program it is supplemented heavily  in the first few weeks and then taken in normal doses on an ongoing basis.  Alcohol users typically have very low blood levels of vitamin B6.  There’s a lot of evidence out there that shows that extra vitamin B6 helps quite a bit for people who are trying to stop consuming alcohol.

Vitamin B6 is unique in that it is required to help convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin.  This not only allows for a calming effect, and also causes us to have what is known as dream recall.  When you begin recalling your dreams after taking vitamin B6 for some time, you have successfully replenished your body to the appropriate levels.

Another important vitamin in the protocol is vitamin B12 or methylcobalamine.  You have probably heard of getting of the 12 shot from your doctor to give you an energy boost.  Well, this is not much  different.  We will be using B12 as a great way to get some energy during the day and also replenish the body of the depleted amounts.

Another very essential vitamin for correcting and repairing your biochemistry is vitamin C (ascorbic acid).  You’ll note that I’ve recommended a certain type called “Ester C” which absorbs better into the bloodstream.  This vitamin is great at detoxifying the body as well as reducing withdrawal symptoms.  Vitamin C also protects the body from oxidation.

Another item and that is important in the program is CoQ10.  Up this is a very strong antioxident and helps with immune support.  It also helps reduce inflammation brought on by chronic alcohol use.

And of course, will be taking a multivitamin not just during the first two months and ongoing after that.  Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body.  They nourish all sorts of different things and help support our metabolism.  There’s even a book called “The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism” written by Dr. Abram Hoffer.  This book is a nice run down of all the different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and EFA’s that are important to help stop alcoholism.

The minerals calcium and magnesium are also part of this protocol.  You’ll notice that I’ve included a supplement combining these in a powder form.  It’s a proven fact that almost every single person is deficient in these minerals.  Replacing them and re-nourishing the body is very important for overcoming alcoholism.  You’ll also get a great side benefit from magnesium – it is great at giving you a calm sensation after you take it.  The calcium and magnesium supplement will also make your bowel movements regular real quick.

I suggest that you follow these protocols I’m laying out very carefully, especially those supplements that are necessary to re-nourish your body.  This will not only help you feel better overall, it will also help repair your damaged metabolism and neuroendocrine system.

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