One of the main reasons that people end up becoming alcoholic is nutritional deficiencies.  These are created over time by eating foods that most people think are normal.  However, our modern-day has simply gotten used to the fact that most of our food is supplied by major manufacturers.  These companies have little concern for a person’s health and more concern for the money that they make.

It amazes me how much advertising these companies do in order to convince people to eat their food.  The food industry is so powerful that it literally controls the laws that are made.  Groups are employed to lobby for the interests of the food companies whose only goal is to make sure that profits continue to rise and people eat more food.

We are so accustomed to eating poorly that we have simply gone to a point where we accept it.  However, this cannot be the case when you are trying to stop alcoholism.  Is a very serious matter and is at the root of this process.  What we’re going to do in the next several weeks, is address the issue of nutrition step by step so you can understand what you need to do.

Here are some of the elements we’re going to cover through the next several weeks.


Amino Acids



EFA – Oils

A healthy body and mind requires certain levels of nutrition.  You’re going to learn about each of the above areas in detail has to move forward.  You will start a process of re-nourishment intended to help you reach optimal health overall.

Part of the process will be a daily regimen of supplements that will help you through this entire process.  These are easy to take and very inexpensive compared to the price of costly rehabs, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, etc.  Plus, you’re going to have a whole new lease on life when you’re done.  You’ll feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually… guaranteed.

The first step will be obtaining the rights nutritional products to supplement your diet with.  To make this easier, I will be providing my recommendations on the best products and vendors to use.

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