How To Stop Being An Alcoholic

Alcoholism is difficult. But, learning how to stop being an alcoholic was easy once I identified what the true problem was. I previously thought alcoholism was a mental problem with people who couldn’t seem to handle reality.  At least that is what most people think.  For me, the alcoholic, it was more of a puzzle that could not be solved.  In most cases, I wasn’t ever sure why I began to drink and why I could not stop once I started. It was as if I was on auto-pilot with absolutely no control. This phenomenon had me baffled along with doctors, scientists, and society.

After many years of struggling with what I believed was a disease, I finally started searching for the truth about alcoholism.  This took some time and a lot of digging.  I discovered studies going back to the early 1950’s that began to make sense.  The research showed that it was possible to stop being an alcoholic. The cause of alcoholism was found to be related to a person’s biochemistry.  Since this did not fit the original treatment model of the day, it was discounted at first.

Over the years, more and more studies were done and all of them began to point to the same thing.  The main reasons people suffer from alcoholism are nutritional deficiencies and exposure to toxins.  They develop a biochemical, metabolic disorder that produces tremendous cravings for alcohol.  What is more compelling is that fact that the cravings are actually for sugar.  Alcohol (in the form of fermented sugar) is simply the best and quickest way to get sugar into the bloodstream.  This is the main reason why alcoholics drink.

These are physical problems that can be resolved with the right kind of treatment.  In essence, a person can stop being an alcoholic by correcting their biochemistry.  This usually takes some time, but it can be done.  This is because nearly every alcoholic is also hypoglycemic.  They suffer from severe blood sugar fluctuations brought on by years of eating sugar and processed foods.  It is a state in the body that certain people are born with in which their pancreas produces too much insulin (the opposite problem of a diabetic).

Further, the unhealthy “Standard American Diet” throws the body into an addiction to sugar because of the damage it does to what is called the endocrine system. This condition adversely affects the neurotransmitters in the brain causing what is commonly known as “alcoholism”.  So, it behooves the medical establishment to ignore a root cause of the problem (nutrition) in order to keep a consistent revolving door of patients who struggle with alcohol.

I learned how to stop alcoholism by reading several excellent books on the subject. All these books focused on nutrition and diet as the solution for alcoholism.  They are not well-known because a false paradigm exists and it is human nature to hold on to old beliefs.  The standard belief is that alcoholics have a moral or mental problem, not a physical problem.  They are put through a wringer of guilt and shame that actually does more damage than good.

The truth will always set you free… If you would like to learn more, all the tools are available to you on this website.  They are inexpensive and very effective.  I am convinced that if you use these resources, you can stop being an alcoholic also.

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  1. This is the info I was hoping to find
    My spouse is alcoholic struggling for 20 years plus now
    We are doing 7 weeks to sobriety in the hopes of kickstarting recovery
    But he s retired and I’m still working
    So unless we re together it ‘s very hard to do
    Also using naltrexone orally to fill the opiate receptors
    It’s expensive so we re going to try Costco next for that resource
    Also using Wellbutrin for depression and ADHD which he has
    And a CPAP as he also has sleep apnea which is worse when he s drinking
    He truly got the whole package

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