How To Stop Alcohol Cravings

When I was learning how to stop alcoholism, it became apparent that the main goal was to get rid of the cravings. This is why it made no sense to for me to go to meetings or participate in talk therapy.  In my situation, the physical craving was the main problem, not the mental need to escape.

For many years I struggled to find answers to my problem. There was never any lack of desire on my part to overcome my drinking disorder. I could not understand why my best efforts never worked.

Worse yet, when I went to meetings and shared this, the usual response was that I did not want it bad enough or I was not ready for sobriety.  The best reason seemed to be that I had not “hit bottom”.  This accusation was ridiculous and based on a series of mantras and sayings that the people had conveniently memorized without question.

It was only through some luck and more determination that I finally found the cure for alcohol cravings.  It took a long time because the answer was not readily available.

To stop alcohol cravings in really simple terms, I changed what I ate and the nutrients I put in my body.  The entire process took several months and was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I had gotten used to eating all the popular manufactured and processed food products.  I had also been eating sugar and high fructose corn syrup without realizing what it was doing to me.

If it did not taste good, I did not eat it.

So when I stopped eating all the bad foods, I went through withdrawals.  I learned that I was hypoglycemic (like most every alcoholic) and that I had an addiction to sugar.  This was the root of the problem.

The results were amazing.  I began to feel better about life and myself every day.   And finally, I came to a point where I did not have a craving for alcohol anymore.

What a wonderful feeling it is to overcome alcohol cravings.  I shared this with other members of the support group I was in and their response was that it sounded like “an easier, softer way.”  This mantra was repeated over and over because the group members had been thoroughly trained to do so.

They did not want to listen to any new ideas even though they could help them recover.

This is very sad and I know that thousands of people are suffering.  They attend support groups and meetings hoping for a solution.  Instead of a solution, they are encouraged to continue a lifestyle that sets them up for relapse.  They eat doughnuts, candy, and sweets at the meetings and wonder why they have these unbearable alcohol cravings.

They suffer from grave emotional mental disorders such as depression, anger, and anxiety.  They keep eating the food that makes the alcoholism worse every day.  This progression never stops because their lifestyles never change.

This is a disaster because there is a solution and anyone can stop alcohol cravings.

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