Phase 4

Phase 4 is the beginning of the rest your life.  The nutritional protocol for this phase begins after the first eight weeks of the stop alcoholism program.  It includes a good multi vitamin that is a whole food based.  It also includes staying on a healthy diet as outlined in Phase 1.  Continue to watch your nutrition and especially the level of sugar and simple carbohydrates eat.

Here are some tips to consider –


As you move forward with this protocol, you’ll be able to enjoy a treat from time to time that is off the basic diet.  This is fine, but be sure to limit these things.  Remember, you have been hurt by the traditional diet that large corporations have been wanting you to eat.  This is your chance to take back your life and turn around your health.  Once you have reached this point and your overall level of nutrition is good, you won’t want to change anything.

In fact, you’ll discover something after you have adjusted to a healthy diet – when you eat junk food, you’re going to physically feel worse.  It might taste good to the moment, but it will have a harsh effect on your body.  It is not uncommon to actually feel like you have a hangover after eating a bunch of sweets and simple carbohydrates the day before.  Remember how this happened with alcohol?  This is not much different…

Congratulations on reaching Phase 4 of the stop alcoholism program.  If you’ve come this far,  I am certain you’ll have no problem with continuing with this phase.  Now you can enjoy the lifelong process of simply staying healthy and treating your body well with good food, nutrition, and exercise.  You’ll find that the thought of alcohol doesn’t enter your mind anymore because you have in fact eliminated the problem.  This is something that does not happen overnight, but gradually becomes a part of your life.

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