You are about to start revolutionary online program to stop alcoholism.  This site has everything you need to successfully stop drinking without AA, the 12 Steps, Religion, or Rehab.  The whole process is organized into four phases that are going to relieve you of any alcohol cravings and leave you in great shape for the future.

The only requirement to start phase 1 is to be detoxified from alcohol.  If you have any sort of problem with withdrawal from alcohol, I highly recommend you seek professional help.  Withdrawing from alcohol can be very dangerous and is not part of the protocol this website.

Phase 1 is going to introduce you to the basic things that you’re going to need to start practicing in your life.  The great thing about that this phase is that you can do it whenever and however you want.  But be sure to implement as many as possible items on the list because it’ll only help you in the long run.  I’m going to give you a series of items that you can start doing right now to help stop alcoholism.  These will not only help you stop drinking but also help you embark on a new lifestyle where you’ll feel fantastic.

It is not expected that you complete this list perfectly.  The main thing is that you start out understanding the things that are making you ill.  You’ll also be given instructions for each item on how to best integrate them into your life.  You’re going to discover that many the problems you have regarding alcohol are the result of greed and corruption on the part of numerous government agencies and private associations.

Phase 2 is focused on re-nourishing your body and mind with key nutritional supplements for weeks 1 -4. Phase 3 is focused on re-nourishing your body and mind with key nutritional supplements for weeks 5 – 8.  And Phase 4 is intended to be an ongoing nutritional program for a healthy life. It helps keeps your metabolism working correctly so that the problem of alcoholism does not arise again.

It is not your fault that you have become sick with alcoholism.  You have been brainwashed into believing that you have some sort of mental problem.  So, the first thing you need to do is get this notion out of your head and understand that you have a metabolic disorder.  This disorder is physical in nature and the main reason that you crave alcohol and drink to excess.  You might have some sort of mental issue as well, but its impact on your drinking is far less than you probably realize.  In fact part of the reason most people have mental and psychological problems is because of physical problems that are the underlying cause.

So please move to the next section called the “Phase 1” and began your journey on a whole new life.  You can go ahead and start with “Phase 2” as well whenever you feel ready.  Phase 2 is the first four-week protocol that starts off the re-nourishment program.

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