Facts About Alcoholism

I just read an article which talks about all the conflicts of interest that are involved when it comes to alcoholism facts.  The number of people and organizations that benefit from this disease is astounding.  The amount of money that these people make is even more astounding.  So you must be careful when you read anything about the facts of alcoholism that are coming from them.

The main part of the problem starts with the pharmaceutical companies and the medical associations.  These guys have gotten together in a grand scheme to basically deceive the public into believing facts of alcoholism that simply aren’t true.  Let’s face a real fact…  The more people who get sick and stay that way the wealthier the drug companies and doctors get.

There are other entities as well that benefit from this disease.  Facts of alcoholism are rarely true because of the large number of people and institutions that stand to get personal gain by deceiving the general public.  This is tragic because in most cases we’re putting our trust in these people to tell us the truth.  Instead of looking out for us, they are actually feeding us information for the sole purpose of helping themselves.

The drug companies and medical associations are fully aware of the real facts of alcoholism.  They hide the truth from the general public because they’re afraid they’re going to lose all the money that they normally make from those of us who are sick.  So in fact, these people are very evil.  They do not care about anyone else but themselves.  I don’t know about you, but I’m mad and not going to take it anymore.

Keep this in mind, the FDA has passed a law which states that only a drug can cure, prevent or treat disease.  This is categorically untrue.  This is an outright lie and a threat to our individual freedoms not to mention a violation of the United States Constitution.  This law essentially gives the drug companies free rein in a monopoly over the entire industry.  Those good minded people who are sincerely trying to help others with natural cures for alcoholism take huge risks in just trying to share their discoveries with others.  When they try to advertise their non-toxic, all natural solutions, they get attacked.

The facts of alcoholism are this…  Alcoholism is not a disease, but more of a metabolic, physiological disorder.  It can be reversed without the use of drugs.  An all natural remedy is available to everyone.  It is inexpensive and easy to implement, yet it is being hidden from the people.

If you want to learn more about the true facts of alcoholism, just do a little research keeping in mind the things I’ve told you.  You can read between the lines and cut out the lies.  Simply look at who is making the statement and decide for yourself whether there is a conflict of interest are not.  If there is, move on and keep looking.

The basics of how to stop alcoholism are right on this website, so keep reading…

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