Dream Stealers – Never Listen to Them

The best advice I think I have ever heard when seeking how to stop alcoholism is to never listen to the “Dream Stealers”. These are people who will ask questions when you tell them how to stop alcohol. They will ask you what it is about and so forth… well your answer needs to be short and sweet. Just tell them it’s neat and cool and informative. But that’s all you want to say…after all, what should they be doing if they want to learn how to stop alcoholism? That’s right! They should be looking at this site themselves.

You know who the Dream Stealers are? These are the people who tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do something. These are your friends, relatives, and they may even have your last name. A lot of times they are living under the same roof. These are the people that really don’t want you to stop drinking alcohol or to be a succeess.

When a Dream Stealer gives you advice, make sure you ask yourself some questions. “What qualifies this person to provide me with advice? Is he or she ‘making it’ and successful in life? What are their true intentions?”

Then ask yourself this – if you’re making it and they are not, how does it make them feel? More often than not, they really don’t want you to succeed because they are not successful themselves.

Don’t listen to the Dream Stealers…they do more damage to people seeking to better themselves than I can say. In fact, there are many of you who are reading this that have taken the advice of these people and did not try to stop alcoholism. Don’t be embarrassed or feel bad. The Dream Stealers are very good at what they do because they really believe what they are saying. The problem is that their intentions are all wrong.

So do yourself a favor and make sure you keep learning how to stop alcoholism. There is a lot of excellent information on this website about it. Take the time to explore it and get started. Take some risk and step out in faith. Understand that success is really a combination of many things in life. And most of all, if you really want to learn how to stop alcoholism, never listen to the Dream Stealers.

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