The first and most important rule pertaining to your diet when stopping alcoholism is to cut out the sugar as much as possible. This is easy to say, but very difficult to do. Sugar is in almost everything we eat today. I’m not just talking about the powdered white stuff that you add to certain foods. I’m talking about sugar in general that is in virtually everything we eat nowadays.

The first problem with sugar is that it is manmade. I’m not talking about the sugar cane plant itself, which is actually a stick. I’m speaking of processed sugar which is more a less a drug in itself. When the sugar cane plant goes through the refining process, its entire nature changes. It ceases to become a nutritional plant, and becomes a dangerous simple carbohydrate with virtually no nutritional value.

When processed sugar enters the bloodstream, it causes a severe reaction. The resulting spike in blood sugar causes the pancreas to produce insulin. The problem is, since the sugar metabolizes very quickly, the insulin is most often over-produced and lasts too long. This creates what is called low blood sugar. This condition is the reason people crave more sugar shortly after they eat it.

The same premise holds true for alcohol. Since alcohol metabolizes in the system much quicker than table sugar, it is the obvious choice for an alcoholic. It gives relief to the painful symptoms of low blood sugar very quickly, but starts a vicious cycle of insulin spikes. These spikes create the craving sugar (a.k.a. alcohol) over and over and result is the phenomenon of alcoholism.

The human body is simply trying to survive. It has found a substance that gives relief, yet it has no idea how to handle what it does to its blood sugar levels. When the sugar is put into a person’s system in the form of processed sugar or alcohol, the blood sugar spike is abnormally quick and short. If we were to eat an apple for instance, it would increase our blood sugar but it would do so in a smooth as an steady way. This is because the apple contains other things such as fiber that slows down the metabolic process. This type of sugar ingestion allows the pancreas to supply the right amount of insulin much easier.

So, your goal in is to stop consuming processed sugars. Like I said, I know that this is much easier said than done. I understand how hard it is to change habits after so many years. But you’re going to thank me later when you realize that you’re craving for alcohol are going away.

To make it a little easier, I’m going to suggest that you use natural sweetener called Stevia. You can find Stevia in most health food stores (and some grocery chains) but be careful when you buy it. Be sure that you’re getting just the Stevia relief extract, and not some other added artificial sweetener such as dextrose or maltodextrin.

Here’s the brand that I personally use:

If you can’t find SweetLeaf brand Stevia (or a comparable product, this it in any of your local stores, you can always order it from

Sweetleaf Sweetener 70 Packets

Use the Stevia in place of regular sugar or artificial sweeteners and you will be making a dramatic step in the right direction.

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