Simple Carbs

One of the biggest causes of problems with blood sugar levels has to do with the consumption of what are called simple carbohydrates.  I’m speaking of carbohydrates that are man-made and extremely processed.  These includes items such as white flour, white rice, potato chips, cookies, manufactured snacks, and so on.  These carbohydrates break down very quickly in the digestive system and cause an extreme spike in insulin levels that’s very similar to sugar.

It’s hard to get away from eating these types of carbohydrates because they’re so prevalent in today’s society.  They were created by the big food production companies for the sole purpose of selling more food and making more money.  Most of them have virtually no nutritional value and practically all the fiber has been stripped from the product.  When this is done, the manmade result becomes a poisonous and dangerous food.

There’s very little concern for your well being by these large corporations who are only accountable to their shareholders.  Their main goal is to sell more food and to get people to eat more of it without regard for anyone’s health or well-being.  Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping.  Be careful when you venture into the aisles in the center of the store which are stacked full of boxes and cans made by these big companies.

The best rule of thumb when it comes to carbohydrates is to stick to those that are as close to what nature intended.  This includes things such as whole grains and brown rice.  Be careful when making your selection at the store and be sure to read all the ingredients before you make a purchase.  Remember that the food manufacturers don’t want you to really know about all the unhealthy things they  are putting in the food.

One food to avoid that falls in this category is bread.  Most breads are made with highly processed flour and include some form of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  This means that virtually every name-brand bread in the store should be avoided except for whole grain rye bread and a couple others.

One of the others that I like is made by the Food For Life Baking Company.  Their bread products are called “Ezekiel” and they come in many different varieties.  You can find them in the frozen foods section because they are actually made with what is called sprouted wheat.  I suggest if you like bread to give this a try…  It is very close to the texture of conventional bread without all the accompanying chemicals and sugar.

Another option is to use only freshly baked bread made from whole grain flour, yeast, and water.

In any case, with a little research you can always find a great substitute for processed simple cards.  The more you can limit these in your diet the better off you’ll be regarding alcoholism but also with your overall health.

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