Artificial Sweeteners

Almost everyone uses artificial sweeteners in their daily lives.  We’ve grown accustomed to hearing about these products that supposedly have no ill side effects and help us lose weight.  So, I am sorry to tell you that this is absolutely false.

Artificial sweeteners contribute to the problem of alcoholism.  Even though many of manufacturers claim that they don’t affect blood sugar, they actually do have an impact.  On top of this, laws have been passed that allow these manufacturers to make it look like the nutritional information that contains some of their products includes no sugar.  If you read closely, you’ll find that most of these artificial sweeteners have what are called sugar alcohols.

The bottom line is that in order to totally recover from a hypoglycemic and biochemical disorder, you need to eliminate all the toxins and other causes.  Following is a list of some of the more popular artificial sweeteners that you should always avoid:

Apartame – (used in NutraSweet and Equal)

Sucralose – (used in Splenda)

Saccharin – (used in Sweet’N Low)



Be sure to add any other sweetener that you can’t pronounce or end in the letters “ose”.

These chemical sweeteners have numerous side effects.  They adversely affect the hypothalmus, which affects many functions in the brain.  They are also addictive and cause depression, anxiety, and weight gain.

Many consumers believe that the sweeteners are actually low in calories and help to lose weight.  The truth is that these chemical toxins create a problem in brain chemistry that eventually results in weight gain, obesity, and other disorders.

There is one type of sweetener that is safe to use – Stevia.  You can find Stevia in most health food stores (and some grocery chains) but be careful when you buy it.  Be sure that you’re getting just the Stevia leaf extract, and not some other added artificial sweetener such as dextrose or maltodextrin.

Use the Stevia in place of regular sugar and artificial sweeteners and you will be taking a dramatic step in the right direction.

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