Detoxing from alcohol can be very dangerous.  This is something that I want to make very clear.  I am not a doctor.  I am a journalist, researcher, consultant, and former alcoholic.  I am merely trying to give information about how to stop alcoholism that I’ve discovered to be the most effective.

It is important to realize that withdrawal from alcohol can often be life threatening.  So it is strongly advised that you seek medical council prior to withdrawing from the alcohol.  Once you’ve completed a detox program, then you’ll be ready to begin my online protocol for addressing and fixing the root cause and problem of alcoholism.

If you’re able to quit drinking on your own without the need of a medical detox facility, that’s great.  You can now proceed to the “Getting Started” section and begin the process of healing.  The protocols have been very carefully researched and written to give you the best chance of correcting your biochemistry.  Please be sure to carefully follow each phase and do them as completely as possible.

However, if you find yourself suffering severe withdrawal symptoms after you stop drinking alcohol, get medical help immediately.  Most areas and communities have detox facilities that specialize in treating the withdrawal from alcohol.  Once you have successfully detoxified from the alcohol, then you can begin the all natural approach to stop alcoholism.

Here are some tips and suggestions I’d like to give you If you need to go into a treatment center for detox:


I’m so glad you’re taking this step.  Once you get through the detox process, the rewards are going to amaze you.  You’re going to feel better than you have in years and I’m going to show you ways to eliminate cravings, depression, and any other side effects from stopping drinking.

In the meantime, continue to learn more about the real cause of alcoholism and the natural cures that are available.  This kind of research and education is extremely important in laying a foundation for your future recovery.

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