Alcoholism Facts – Are They Really True?

Alcoholism Facts – Are They Really True?

For years we’ve been told all sorts of different things about alcoholism. Some people say that it is a disease. Others say that people who are addicted to alcohol have a moral problem. And everyone else has even another opinion. This just goes to show that finding the truth about alcoholism is extremely difficult.

One of the main problems with defining the facts about alcoholism is that there are many people interested in this so called a disease. This creates a conflict of interest. There are many people in this world who rely on people getting sick, especially with alcoholism. There’s a lot of money to be made in this business. There are doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehab centers and so forth that make a lot of money from an alcoholic’s suffering. Of course they’re going to create their own facts to benefit themselves.

It blows me away how these people put their own needs in front of everyone else’s. These people and organizations create false facts as to why people drink in order to keep the same people in their programs or treatment as long as possible. This doesn’t do anybody any good. This selfish and greedy attitude is at the root of the problem and the reason why we are having such a hard time helping alcoholics.

True alcoholism facts are hard to find due to this conflict of interest. If you really want to know the cause of alcoholism you need to look at the scientific studies that are ignored by the people and organizations who treat alcoholism. These studies prove that alcoholism is not a disease. They show that alcoholism is a biochemical disorder brought on by toxins in the body, nutritional deficiencies, and stress. These things can be corrected and essentially enable a person to become cured. It is a simple solution to an age old problem that has been kept a secret for way too long.

So there’s not a lot of truth to find about alcoholism in the mainstream media. This is because there’s not a lot of money to be made by telling people how to cure themselves. This is especially true with a disease of alcoholism because so much money is made in that industry.

So ask yourself some questions each time you hear a fact about alcoholism. What is the source of this information? Is it coming from someone who benefits from the illness financially? Does this person or organization really have a motive to tell the truth? Is it coming from a publicly traded corporation?

Remember, it’s all about the money. The way to find the truth about alcoholism facts is to investigate where they came from very thoroughly. Make sure the source is reputable and has no conflict of interest relating to alcoholism. If you dig really deep, you’ll find the truth that I found. The facts about alcoholism which are true are the ones related to the physical craving for alcohol, not some mental condition that everyone wants us to believe.

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